Privacy Policy


This privacy policy details how; why, and how long this website stores data about your visit.


This website makes use of a self-hosted instance of Matomo (, which is a privacy-focused analytics platform.

The privacy-related configuration for this website's Matomo instance, as of 7th August 2020, is as follows:

  • IP Addresses are only stored by their first byte, so the address (123.456.789.200) is stored as (
  • Cookies are disabled, which means Matomo will treat you as an entirely new user for subsequent visits to this website.
  • DNT (Do not track) is respected.

Furthermore, a non-exhaustive list of potentially identifying information that Matomo collects includes:

  • The first byte of your IP address.
  • Your browser language.
  • Your country (based off of your browser language, therefore inaccurate).
  • Your browser and its version.
  • Your OS and its version.
  • Your device (desktop/mobile, brand, version, and screen size).
  • How you first entered the website (e.g. Google, a stray link somewhere, directly, etc.)

This website will also collect the following actions you perform:

  • Any pages of this website that you visit.
  • Any links that you click, and on what page you clicked them on.
  • If you've scrolled down a page to certain milestones (10%, 20%, and so on).


I (Bradley Chatha) would like to know how my website is being used; where the common "pain points" are; which devices/screen sizes may be having issues, and simply knowing which pages are the most popular.

For example, if I notice people on larger screens stick around more when reading my blog yet people on smaller screens leave faster, then that tells me I need to do more work on optimising the website for mobile viewing.


All of this data is stored in a self-hosted Matomo instance, and no access is provided or shared to any third-parties.

How long?

As your data is sufficiently anonymised to the point where you cannot be identified, this data is stored indefinitely to allow me to create long-term aggregations of data.

Your rights

Under GDPR you have the right to request access, correction, and deletion of your personal data.

However, since this website stores so little information such that it cannot be associated to any singular person, I cannot perform any of these requests.

I have concerns...

If you have concerns on how this website handles its data collection, please use the contact information provided in the footer of this website, detailing any concerns you may have.

Can I opt-out?

Yes. If you have your browser's DNT (Do not track) setting turned on, then Matomo will respect this setting. You can also disable javascript for this website to disable any client-side tracking, although certain parts of this website may not render correctly, if at all.

Server-side tracking

Certain actions you take are recorded using server-side tracking, as opposed to client-side tracking. Any data tracked by the server contains no data (device, ip, etc.) about you except the action that triggered the data collection.

The following actions are tracked via server-side tracking:

  • HTTP 404 (Page not found) errors, as well as the URL that caused the error.
  • Successful requests - Includes the URL and hostname of the node serving your request.


Cookies are tiny pieces of text that websites can store on your computer, to keep track of things such as: an ID to identify you on subsequent visits; any preferences you may have, and so on.

Currently, this website does not employ the use of cookies.


The main intention of this website's data collection is to track what you do, but not who you are.