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Hi,   I'm Bradley

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I'm an aspiring Dumbass, with vast experience in programming, and a touch of DevOps.

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Web Dev - Front & Backend

Applications, Scripting, & Tooling


I am proficient in several programming languages spanning across most of the major software domains.

I'm mostly self-taught, self-motivated, and have a keen interest in all things technical.

I'm a quick learner who, given a new language or concept, should be able to get up to speed in a very short amount of time.

From full stack web development, desktop applications, tooling, and scripting, I am fully capable of undertaking most tasks assigned to me.

Another highlight of my multifaceated skillset includes being a certified Cisco Network Associate.

I have experience architecting, maintaining, and evolving Postgresql databases - with and without an ORM.

I have experience with setting up Github Actions and Drone IO with a pipeline to automatically deploy new builds. I use Terraform and Ansible to maintain all of my infrastructure whilst using Grafana to help me monitor the health, performance, and other statistics of my projects.

I have experience with using Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services as cloud platforms for my various projects.