About Me

Floofer of Worlds Bradley

"C++ is for masochists; D is for sadists."

I'm an aspiring UK Software Developer who is mostly interested in backend development, while also boasting marketable experience with web development, DevOps, and marginal SysAdmin experience.

For the last 8 years I have self-taught myself anything ranging from new languages, frameworks/libraries, and concepts such as programming patterns, best practices, and hidden performance costs.

For example, within a year I've researched and learned about CSS & SASS; JS & TS; HTML; ASP Core; Razor; basic DevOps (DNS, CI, and server management); GraphQL, and EF Core. This is of course on top of my already broad experience with many other aspects of programming.

Problems and challenges greatly motivate me which when combined with my enjoyment from educating myself, allows me to overcome most issues thrown at me.

I have minimal experience with working in a group, however I'm sure given enough time I'll be able to fit in and work efficiently with others, provided that they're friendly.

My generic CV is hosted on github, and is automatically built via Github Actions from a LaTeX file.